Eating Healthy to Increase Immunity to Survive the COVID-19

In the last couple of months, the novel virus, COVID-19, has transformed our day to day lives. The way we eat has been no exception. Indulging on plant-based proteins is definitely the way to go during these times. Maintaining a wholesome diet during these times may seem like a difficult task but we put together a list of five versatile, economical, and tasty pantry staples to help make it easier to get your essential nutrients. 

  • Red Lentils: lentils are another great source of plant-based protein. Red lentils have a sweet and nutty flavor which make them ideal for dals and soups. We recommend whipping up a red lentil soup for a soul warming meal.
  • Rice: rice is the most versatile pantry staple. It’s an amazing source of carbs that are sure to keep you energized while you attend all of those Zoom meetings. It can be prepared to satisfy any of your cravings. Feeling Asian cuisine? Make a quick fried rice. Mexican? Rice and beans. Italian? Risotto. South Asian? Lemon rice and dal. The opportunities are endless with rice. 
  • Ginger: many people are starting to realize that ginger is an immunity boosting superstar. What we love most about it is how delicious it is in our morning cup of tea. Simply boil water, add ginger, strain, and enjoy with honey and lemon. 
  • Turmeric: turmeric is another eastern spice that we love to see gaining global popularity. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a go to addition to recipes. Our favorite way of adding some color and nutrients to our food is using turmeric in our marinades for veggies, tofu, and paneer. 

 This is a great time to try new recipes and incorporate some nutrient dense pantry staples into your everyday meals. Sending a lot of love and positive energy to everyone. Stay informed, stay safe, stay grateful, and stay hopeful. 





  • Sonal Khakhar

    Thank you for your feedback Nayna. We are working towards it :)

  • nayna berajawala

    Request to carry this items in supermarkets like whole foods, market basket, trader joe’s etc.

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