What is comfort food and why do people crave for it every now and then? Well, as the name suggests comfort food is something that brings you that feeling that takes you back to your happy place. It could be anything that has that sentimental value to you. Most of the comfort food are rich in carbs. Somehow carbohydrates have something to do with bringing that effect in the brain. They release a chemical reaction that boost the serotonin levels in the brain that makes you happy and satisfied! However, the favorite comfort food of India is “khichdi (kit-cha-ree). The best part is that even though khichdi contains carbohydrates that comes from grains, it is mixed with equal parts of lentils too. Therefore, it makes a first-class protein rich meal which is super easy to digest.

Khichdi is the superfood for the soul. The ingredients used in khichdi improves energy, immunity, and digestion. They are low in glycemic index, may help reduce blood sugar & keeps diabetes under control. It is an ideal comfort food. For vegans, it is a substitute for chicken soup.

Khichdi is super easy to prepare. You just need to have some patience. The grains and lentils need to be soaked for at least a couple of hours and then cooked slowly either in a low flame or a pressure cooker. So in spite of it being a very simple recipe, it just takes some amount of time and planning to prepare it. With the growing popularity of khichdi, there are several ready-to-eat khichdi also available in the market. However, one has to be careful in selecting the right ones. Healthy instant food is becoming a trend with today’s fast paced lifestyles.

During the COVID times, cooking at home started becoming a trend. People both young and old started experimenting with different cuisines. Indian cuisine is a very well-loved cuisine in the United States and is one of the top 10 ethnic cuisines. Because of this ready-to-eat Indian meals are also gaining popularity. One of the trending ready-to-eat Indian meal is khichdi.

The ready-to-eat khichdi is a one-pot meal made by mixing grains and lentils and some spices to make a delicious meal which is high in vegan protein and super easy to digest. Whether you choose to have this meal after a long day or are just feeling under the weather, khichdi is one meal that will make you feel good and soothe your body and mind both!

Therefore, although there is a variety of ready-to-eat Indian meals available, ready-to-eat khichdi is one of the best healthy instant food options. So, whether your feeling low or just nostalgic, go grab your favorite comfort food that will take you to that happy place in your mind. Watching your favorite movie or sitting in in front of the TV might help a little, but nothing will soothe more than having your favorite comfort food in your hands!

Stay safe, Stay happy!





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