Are you also one of those people who love having friends and family over, but worry about how best to serve and entertain them? Food is always the center and most important part of planning these get togethers! We all stress about who what food to serve that will appeal to all the guests. And yes, we all agree that we are not experts in all areas of life and food particularly can be challenging. These are the times when it is okay to rely a little on ready-to-eat meals specially during Christmas!

A good idea is to create a mix. Prepare some fresh meals that you are confident about from scratch. Spend your time preparing your family’s favorite Christmas recipes. Get some pre-prepared foods, and then some ready-to-eat foods. This will reduce your stress in preparing a long list of items, so you can enjoy the party too! Life is simple! Let’s not complicate it 😊After all you have so many other things to plan for and you can spend your time more wisely!

There is so much of planning required for an ultimate Christmas gathering. From shopping for presents for the family, to wrapping them, and the most exciting part – decorating the Christmas tree! The list is endless. If this is your first time hosting the holiday, it’s even more important to plan ahead so you are not stressed out and can enjoy these holidays with your near and dear ones.

You need not worry about your vegan/plant-based and vegetarian friends. With so many options readily available in the plant-based diet, it is easy to serve vegan food to your vegetarian and vegan diet friends too. Whether it is a plant-based chicken, or meat, you name it and it is available. A good idea is to prepare a great roast (you can cheat a little with the plant-based beef or meat and trust me, your guest might not even notice the difference! By doing this you are saving some time on preparing different variations of the same item. Once you have the main dish taken care of, all you have to worry is about the sides and desserts. Some mashed potatoes, glazed green beans, lasagna, and eggnog are some of the foods you cannot go wrong with, and are so easy to prepare. You can use some frozen or freeze-dried ingredients to make the cooking process shorter.

Once you are done taking care of the main and side dishes, you are left with the fun part. Planning for the desserts. You could get a gingerbread kit to keep the children entertained! Some simple desserts which adults and children both would enjoy are S’mores! It’s almost like a must have during the Christmas dinners. There are some ready-to-eat desserts also like the traditional plum cakes available which you can just warm up a little before serving, and they will almost taste like freshly baked!

So this Christmas, treat yourself too, give yourself a little break so you can enjoy all your hard work of planning and organizing the party. Get your children and family involved with helping with the decorations, and it is okay to rely a little on ready-to-eat foods! There are so many tasty and healthy ready-to-eat meals available, you just have to spend some time in researching beforehand. Just take it easy, relax and sip on some wine while planning this holiday season!

With this kind of smart planning, maybe you can include some more guest who you have been meaning to invite since a long time, and have not been able to invite due to either time constraints or their special dietary habits.

Make sure you make the most of this holiday season, and most importantly make sure you take care of yourself too. Sometimes, we are so busy planning and taking care of our families, that we forget about ourselves! Let’s take a pledge to give ourselves a gift of relaxation and joy this season!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy holiday season!




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