About Us

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Sonal Khakhar, Founder

As a nutritionist and mother of three, I experienced the challenge of finding convenient, plant-based, and gluten-free meal options for those hectic evenings when cooking just wasn’t an option. I understand the struggle of juggling a busy lifestyle while striving tomaintain a healthy diet.

Drawing inspiration from my upbringing and the wisdom passed down from my mother, I began freezing batches of aromatic khichdi (kit-cha-ree) – traditional lentil and rice dishes. This simple yet flavorful one-pot meal laid the foundation for Aahana's LentilBowls.

With over a decade of experience as a clinical and school dietitian, I'm deeply passionate about the profound impact of diet on one’s mental and physical well-being. This passion, combined with my expertise, fuels our mission to create delicious, ready-to-eat lentil bowls that are both nutritious and convenient.
What sets Aahana's Lentil Bowls apart:

  • Our meals combine lentils with grains to provide a complete high-quality protein source, delivering 15g of complete plant-based proteins.
  • We use organic ingredients carefully selected to complement each other, resulting in nutrient-dense superfood meals.
  • Our recipes feature sprouted beans and grains, enhancing their nutritive value, and making them easy to digest.
  • Our lentil bowls are prepared using Ayurvedic principles, making them nutrient- dense and easy to digest.
  • We prepare our lentil bowls in small batches and freeze-dry them to retain their original nutrients, natural colors, and flavors.
  • Packaged in convenient on-the-go cups, our lentil bowls allow you to enjoy a wholesome meal anytime, anywhere.
  • We are committed to sustainability. Our packaging is recyclable, reflecting our dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle while minimizing our environmental footprint.
Aahana’s means the “first ray of sun” and “inner happiness” and our mission is to create nourishing foods with whole and simple ingredients. Join us, to fuel a healthier world, one relaxing meal at a time.
- Love, Sonal