Aahana’s Lentil Bowls (Khichdi)– An ancient Indian comfort food with a global influence

ready to eat lentil bowls

Bombay Masala Rice & Lentil Bowl

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Jaipur Millet & Lentil Bowl

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Delhi Mung Beans & Rice Bowl

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Madras Quinoa & Lentil Bowl

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Try Them All - Lentil Bowls Variety Pack

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About Us

As a nutritionist and busy mom of 3, I struggled to find healthy, shelf-stable plant-based, and gluten-free meals for those hectic evenings when cooking just wasn't an option. 

I started freezing batches of aromatic khichdi (lentil & rice dishes), inspired by my mom.

My dedication to creating convenient and nutritious plant-based, gluten-free meals stems from my extensive experience as a clinical and school dietitian spanning over a decade. I firmly believe that one's diet profoundly influences one’s mental and physical well-being, and I channel both my passion and expertise into creating these delicious ready-to-eat lentil bowls.